Silly Sunday Scenery

Silly Sunday Scenery

Silly Sunday Scenery

Sunny again today on our river. Rain this last couple days. Good for the river, good for the countryside. Good for you?


Fish in the river. Good ones too. Eating dry flies. A few of them.

Water levels dropping on the Dearborn. Water levels dropping on the primary river? Maybe. But probably staying at the level we are at until the lake is full.

Current Canyon Ferry lake levels at 92% full. It is full at 97% Filling about 1% per day. Will we fill before the last week of June. The target time? Ohh, maybe. Will we see higher flows in the 11th hour? Maybe.

Who knows really. Only the water gods know.

Sunday today. Enjoy. Get your dry fly boxes in the boat, in your vest, on your fishing hat.


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