Silly Sunday Scenery

Silly Sunday Scenery

Silly Sunday Scenery

Trico’s. Tricorythodes.

The Mo has lots of them. Daily, For 4-10 weeks.

It’s good right now if you like this sort of thing.

It is summer. Many are up top near the dam, nymphing. You have some room to roam if you are a dry fly angler.

Get out there, make a few good drifts, and get ’em.

The spinner is the most productive pattern. Or a cluster. Or a caddis. Or a PMD spinner. Or an ant. We often do not fish the actual spinner, the actual representation, to thesis often finicky fish. Come on in and ask some questions. Often, we have the answers. Or can point you in the right direction.

Happy Headhunting.

August HAtches, trico
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