Silly Sunday Scenery

Friday Foto Fall Edition

Don’t let the fall season pass you by.

Or, if you do…no worries.

The fish are trapped in the river.

They are pretty healthy for this time of year. Do see some Saprolegnia in some brown trout. Has occurred before when the populations exceed the historical averages. And we are currently 200% of average for both the brown and rainbow populations


The weight of the bows is particularly amazing as well.

Brown trout lose weight as the winter goes along while rainbows generally gain weight in advance of the spring spawn.

They may be huge as we move out of winter into spring.

Only time will tell.

Give those brown trout a break when you find or pass by those breading areas. They are on the spawn and need some space to conduct some lovin’.

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Headhunters is your fly source on the banks of the Montana’s Missouri River.

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  • Mountainjoyride
    November 10, 2023 1:20 pm

    Fantastic foto! See ya tomorrow ✌️

  • Good Morning Mark,
    I always appreciate your reports…Does the state do any mitigation for this or other fungus (fungi?) , or does it just run its course? Many thanks, All the Best, dan

  • Saw that on a brown last weekend. Always thought that was from handling them without wetting your hands.

    Definitely make them stand out in the river and probably an easy target for some of our feathered friends.

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