Silly Sunday Scenery Fall Foreshadowing

Silly Sunday Scenery Fall Foreshadowing

Early signs of fall. Today we look at Silly Sunday Scenery Fall Foreshadowing here on the Headhunters Fly Shop Blog.

Those bushes always turn red before anything else. The last week of July you see a change.

A few more hot days ahead of us early this week and then maybe to a cooling cycle. Cooler this morning as it was yesterday too. Fells pretty good.

That damn smoke is in the air though. Afternoons are bad. Mornings not as bad. Can be the opposite schedule many other locations around Big Sky Country.

14/100 of rainfall in the last 49 days. That is dry. Drought situation for sure. Check it out on Weather Underground here for charts, stats, and to check out this blog’s validity.

Fires all over Montana. Let’s do that rain dance and quell a few of them. Check out The Rain Song by the Mighty Zep below from the Live endeavor The Song Remains the Same. 

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  • Mark. You are not old enough to have LIVED through this time….you must have had older siblings!

  • Great video and a great Zep tune! Whether you’re old enough to have lived through that album or not, kudos for just KNOWING about it.

    As always, Squeaky and the Headhunters blog deliver the unexpected!

    All the Best from Bend, OR

    • One of my top 5 Zep tunes. So damn pretty. A Jimmy Page tune. Great. And thanks from Bend OR! Lived there in ’89-’90. Fun times and a fun ski town.

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