SIMMS Vapor Wading Boot

SIMMS Vapor Wading Boot Review

Simply awesome. Those were the words I literally said out loud as I removed my Simms Vapor Boots last week. This was the third time I wore them and while I was impressed after my first two trial runs, this was the first full day I fished in them — ten hours — zero discomfort. That’s a big deal for a guy like me.
Personally, I credit the comfort to a shorter rise from the floor to the Achilles tendon. This characteristic makes them wear more like a pair of Chuck Taylor high-tops than traditional wading boots. Once you put on a pair of Vapors, in just a few steps you’ll notice the weight, or shall I say the lack thereof. With most boots, you can usually feel the extra swing weight with each step but in Vapors, you won’t feel anything at all.

In my opinion, these boots were designed for those who like to hike for miles to get to their spot and then fish for hours once in it. But for my money, that’s not the only application for this more comfortable than most wading boot. For me, I plan on keeping these kicks around for everyday use. Previously, I was wearing RiverTek™ Boa® Boots and believe me, I loved them. These boots were so comfy, I ended up dubbing them Drift Boat Slippers. After 2-plus years and at least 200 days of use, my RiverTeks are still holding strong and could easily go another spring season, however, I’ve recently opted to go with my new wading boot obsession, the Vapor.

While comfort ranks as the most important aspect I look for in a boot, I also like to show a bit of style on the water. With a mid-range price tag, Vapors feel great on your feet and by escaping the traditional bulky boot design, they have a very cool and unique style all their own. For comfort reasons, I typically go one size larger in my wading boots than my street shoe size. While in Headhunters Fly Shop, I put on a pair of Vapors in a size 11 (my everyday shoe size) and walked around for a while. They felt so good, I figured I give that sizing a shot and I was dead right. I recommend trying on a couple sizes before you buy, but don’t disregard your street size while rocking Vapors. For me, these boots feel perfect without going up in size.

While there will still be those who prefer a stiff ankle support bomber boot for deep wading in all too slick steelhead runs, for the rest of the wading crowd, the Vapor is a boot to be reckoned with and one you will definitely appreciate.

Get yourself a pair this fall for all winter comfort. Hike your ass off this coming spring and then rock them on cooler summer mornings hiking down the tracks to your favorite dry fly flat.

Headhunters is your exclusive SIMMS Dealer on the Missouri River. See us in Craig for waders, boots, clothing, gloves, and all things SIMMS.

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