SIMMS Wader Maker Series The Fixer

SIMMS Wader Maker Series The Fixer

SIMMS waders made int eh USA, and fixed in Bozeman Montana.

Try picking put the phone and getting someone to answer questions about your overseas made wader?

When we have problems we just pop them in the mail and let the pros take care of it.

Chris Golz is one of the masterful team in Bozeman. If you are ever in the neighborhood you should stop in for a tour of the wader making facility. Totally worth the time. Pretty cool stuff.

Enjoy your Saturday. It is wonderful here on the Mo. A bit windy today though…

Check out more from SIMMS and Wader Makers.

Want to get in on our comprehensive wader selection while in Craig? We have your size. 22 sizes in stock...everyday.

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  • my fishing partner, Crazy Terri, is looking for size “Dwarf King Extra Large.” the place that usually carries them (Big Bobs in Nashville Tn) is back ordered until august ’17. Go figr! Can you hep er?

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