Sipping Dry Saturday

Sipping Dry Saturday

Saturday here on the Mo. Fishable today. A couple cabins rented. Several boats on the water. Coffee drinkers at the shop. Swingers on the water.

And summer conversations on the shop phone. Anglers locking in summer guides and lodging. Now is the time to get your perfect 2020 Craig Montana hook-up.

A classic vid today from Sharptail Media from 8 years ago. We enjoyed shooting this short with Simon.

Arctic temps greet us tonight as we move into the 3rd week of January. Looks like very little fishing will be done Monday thru Friday. Some days the temps will not crawl above the ZERO mark!

Whoa. That is cold. Call first if for some reason you are headed up to Craig. We may not be at the shop the entire time. When the mercury plunges below the ZERO mark we spend less time in the shop. Pretty cold in that shabby little fly shack in Craig! Not really built for winter conditions. More of a summer place…

So today we bring you Sipping Dry. For summer memories. Summer dry fly action. For summer warmth. In this type of weather we must think of the sun, fantasize about Trico hatches, and wait for the snow to go away. The long wait.

Only another 4 or 5 months. That’s all.


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  • You mean I coulda been a doctor or attorney-they don’t get enough time to fish. Nice video, thank you to the folks at Headhunters.

  • A classic. One of the first HH videos I ever watched. Ahem…and now I don’t have any sons that are Doctors or lawyers….

    Thanks for the repost!

  • It’s why I enlisted in the Navy & subsequently bought my first set of saltwater rods and so’s I could fly fish all over the world, for “free & freedom”! Then I got addicted to “Fly Fishing the World” and kept on reenlisting doing the whole enchilada (20yrs)! Ugh, but it really was quite the experience. Who knows what I coulda been if I didn’t “Go Navy”? 36 years later and I’m still addicted to those dang flies. Geez Mark, you looked “so cute” back then . . . what happened? The ‘dry Addiction’ keep you up at night more often than not, dreaming of the BIG one sipping a size 20-something? Stay warm. nice vid too.

  • A one way ticket to Palookaville.

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