Smoke and Fire Report

Woke up early this morning and I could see the sky. Meaning I could see some definition, clouds, the sun itself. It’s been a few days. Very thick fire smoke has been plaguing North Central MT for a while now. It hasn’t had a negative effect on the fishing, but it has thickened to the point that the poor air quality is noticed by everyone.

A cold front is in the forecast today. It will bring some windy conditions to the region today, no good for the exhausted Firefighting Crews. Hopefully some precipitation, cooler temperatures and higher humidity will follow.


Evacuation orders are in place north of us for the communities of Essex and Heart Butte. Most of you probably haven’t been to Heart Butte, but in my mind it’s one of the most beautiful townsites in Montana. Here’s some images from our local TV station KRTV, who always does a great job with weather/disaster reporting in the area.

With the cooling temperatures, hopefully we will see a bit of a reprieve from the smoke in the next week.

If the smoke doesn’t bother you, the fishing has been very good recently, though still a bit inconsistent from day-to-day, stretch-to-stretch. For the most part very good.

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