Solo. April 7th 2024

Solo. April 7th 2024

Solo. Fishing Solo?

There are times to go it alone with a long stick in your hand.

I love to fish alone. Just as much as I like to fish with others.

Letting thoughts bounce around in your head. Moving forward with some, letting others fall out and wash downstream. Kind of letting the idea find its way. Or discarding those sometimes feelings that need to be vanquished.

Some days the solo show is the only way to go.

Enjoy your Sunday. Spring has arrived in Montana. Snow, sleet, wintry mix, and rain the previous 24 hrs. Looks like not too much more precipitation in the next 10 days. Bummer. Temps ranging from 45F to 70F. Mostly cloudy.

Water temps rising daily. 39.5F

Flows bouncing around and about 4K today.

Missouri River Advisory Meeting Monday April 8th 1pm in Helena at the DNRC Building, Montana Room, 1539 11th Ave, Helena MT 59601

The fish are moving around. The rainbow are spawning. Do your best to stay off of Redds. That is the area of clean gravel, that you need to stay away from. I think fishing redds is analogous to kicking a pregnant female in the stomach. This authors thoughts. Not cool. You like catching rainbows annually? All 12 months? Give ’em a break for a month during the spawning season. Plenty of fish not on the spawn to target. 

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