Spring Roller Coaster

Inconsistent is the word on the Mo’ right now. Inconsistent weather, crowds, river conditions and bite. In the last few days we’ve needed both sunscreen and hand warmers and we’ve experienced difficult nymphing and epic dry fly fishing. The river has gone from crystal clear to blown out to somewhere in between. The river has been as crowded as you will ever see it in March, and as desolate as New Years morning.

Today we’re expecting a return to winter and a few inches of snow. Who knows what that will do to Little Prickly Pear and the Dearborn? Hopefully it will get cool enough to tighten them up. If not, future fishing forecasts may include the Wire Worm.

I just spent 3 days guiding and we used all techniques. The swing bite was pretty good, especially from Craig downstream.  My most consistent bugs were buggers, Thin Mints, etc.  with the river pumping at 5K some of my winter slow-down spots aren’t slow enough. You need to seek out the right water. When you are in it you can expect multiple fish. If you feel like you’re fishing water that’s too quick, either leave, or go to a big flashy pattern.

Last Sunday some some very good dry fly fishing.  Big fish were in the shallow stuff gently sipping midges. It was very cold and raining, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves  we may see a repeat of those conditions today. Quigley’s Cluster is all you need.

Nymphing has been all over the place, and there seems to be little consistency to reports, fly patterns, water types, etc.  Pink stuff and midges – as usual – but finding the fish can be a bit tough. No doubt the rising creeks will have the Rainbows on the move towards the tributaries.  This may not help, unless you find big groups staging up for the spawn.

Bottom line… if you’re headed our way give the shop a call for the hourly update on the boat ramps (still a mess down low), crowds (probably will be busy this weekend), and fishing conditions. The forecast is for the next week is all over the place so we expect the roller coaster to continue.

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