Spring Streamer Fly Tying Contest Photos

Spring Streamer Fly Tying Contest

Headhunters hosted a streamer fly tying contest on our Facebook page this past week. The objective was to submit a home-brewed streamer pattern that would work well on the Mo this spring. Tyers sent in a ton of awesome streamer patterns!

It was hard to narrow down the submissions. I polled a bunch of staff members and guides and had everybody list their favorite three streamers. Then we chose a winner based on how many times each streamer was picked.

The Winner

The winner was Eric Stollar’s Juvie Jigger. This steamer received the most votes from shop staff and guides.

Eric Stollar's Juvie Jigger


Right behind the Juvie Jigger were Jonny King’s Little Tube Baitfish and Caleb Rebarchak’s Chowtime Sculpin.

Jonny King's Little Tube Baitfish
Caleb Rebarchak's Chowtime Sculpin

Awesome Streamers Everyone!

Almost every entry was picked by at least one staff member or guide as their favorite. The winners had a few more picks than the rest. All the entries look great and each of you tyers should be proud! We’ll see you out there chucking-and-ducking this spring!

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