Spring Training in Montana

Spring Training in Montana

Tomorrow starts the Spring Special here at Headhunters of Craig. Cheap guide trips and cheap lodging. Yes it is coming, Spring we mean. Warm out all week and snow tomorrow.

April is the big push for this special as it runs through the end of the month. Call today and get yourself some good dates as the BWO’s begin to play a part toward the middle of the month.

Streamer lovers get in on the spring bite too. Some of the beer fish of the year can come in April. Nymphing is rock solids dn the dry fly, as mentioned above can be epic fishing midge and BWO hatches. Blind fishing not too bad as the education of trout has just begun for the season.

Spring baseball is underway along with the sunnier skies and air temps we are excited here at Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service. Lots of new products enter the store in March and April for the summer anglers.

Even more importantly are the flies that 7wt has added this year. More streamers of course, and more Trout Spey patterns too. Our ever expanding and up to date fly selection is second to none on the Missouri River. The difference? Lots of angler input from all of us, and the cash register. If that fly does not move quickly to the river, Ninch puts it in a fly cup and gets rid of them! Honest. The difference maker here in Craig is the focus on the flies. A dead fly pattern does no-one any good. The retailer or the consumer. Dead flies gotta go! And they do here @ Headhunters.

Catching more fish has always been our focus and that has not changed. Educating the Missouri River angler is also our interest. Knowledge is what the fly fishing consumer is always looking for and we are here as a partner in that process.

A dry fly only video. Rare in today’s market. Yes, Headhunters is a dry fly friendly shop. Hunting Heads is what our business is based on. But we make our mortgage payment selling nymphs…go figure?

Headhunters is your Missouri River Entertainment, Information, Education, and Customer Service leader

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March SPEY CASTING Madness
The women clinic on the 24th has room!
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