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Spring Training means Spring is near

Spring Training means Spring is near

Baseball has officially returned for the spring. Next, summer, then fall. Ahh, baseball season falls right in line with fishing season.

Along with the casting practice we’ve been talking about the past few weeks we need to think about getting to the non-emergent tasks we blew off last fall.

  • Rod repair. If you have a break or otherwise, you are too late for the spring and maybe summer with your favorite rod. Send it in now anyways, and fish it this fall. Do it this week. Do it.
  • New Fly Lines. Put on new fly lines. If it has been a few years, do it. Like new socks, new tires, new fly lines make us smile.
  • Fix them waders of yours. Leaky waders suck. Search the fix it video from any wader manufacturer and get after it. This one you will be thankful for, the first step in that cold spring water.
  • Update your First Aid kit in your car, boat, RV, home. As we, I, age this task becomes more important as the ratio of stupid shit I do daily increases. A good selection of Band-Aids, Hydrogen Peroxide and alcohol and the like is good.
  • Plan some fishing trips with your buddies and your family. It’s good for your soul. And spring reminds us we are not dead. An awakening. It’s good man.
  • Practice Casting once a week for 10 minutes. It’ll be fun.
  • Clean out that boat bag or fishing vest. There is gross shit in there. Get rid of it. And old flies.
  • Clean your fly lines if you do not replace. Get involved in the clean fly line revolution. Talk about a smile maker. Clean fly lines sing.

Baseball on the TV daily. Ahhh. Spring is nearer today than it was yesterday. Hooray.

The river kinda frozen. Better temps today with the mercury rising above the freezing mark for the first time in some time. Anglers were on the river. More tomorrow with less wind forecast. Pretty icy downstream of Mid-Canon. Watch for shelf ice and be careful out there wading. Botramps appear to be clear. SOme are slippery with the warm up occurring.

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  • For all the wade junkies – Check those Boa laces on your boots. They do fray – will leave a nasty cut on your finger when you try to pull them tight before tightening. I also take the whole dial system apart and flush out the sand, grit, clean the teeth etc…. .

  • Truth . Good call John!

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