Spring Training Spring Fishing

Spring Training Spring Fishing.

Love spring. For some the favorite season of the the year.

The grass in becoming greener, the snow is less frequent, the refreshing smells of spring, smiles come easier, and we become comfortable enjoying the longer afternoons and rising temperatures.

The beer on the porch seems to add a spring in our step too! Soon, the BBQ will come out of storage and fire up!

Spring Training Spring Fishing

A pleasant time of the year for all. A time of year to find the pile of fly rods in the corner of the garage and dust it off.

I love Mariner’s Baseball and a number of you like your local teams as well. Peter is an A’s fan, Ben is a Boston fan, Ninch, Stipech and Matula are Detroit fans…who do you root for?

When the Pitchers and Catchers report to spring training I get excited. Excited for the spring baseball, for the daily games on the television, for the awakening of summer. Spring is the precursor to summer. The snowpack is foreshadowing a great water year. Great water years produce lots of trout based on the spawning recruitment. More water creates more habitat for insects.

It’s all good.

The rhythms of baseball and the rhythms of guide life have numerous parallels.

A daily game. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. You play for the sake of playing. You truly enjoy the process, the skill sets, the luck quotient, the sun on your face, the camaraderie amongst fellow guides and anglers, the repetivenss of the cast, the beauty of the sport, the intricacies of the flies, the mechanics of the drift, the minutiae that fly thread coloration makes, the same damn ham sandwich, the opportunity to learn, the length of the Missouri River summer which lasts as long as the major league schedule, the privilege to experience this world class resource on a daily basis.

It’s all good whether it be Spring Training or Spring Fishing.

How are you looking and feeling this spring? Good? Get out the glove or get out the rod and begin to enjoy the season that is upon us.



Headhunters is again offering the Spring Special. Feel like getting your Spring Training started? $300 Guide Trips and lodging starts @ $100.


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