Spring Training Video

Spring Training Video

IT is here. Spring is here in Craig. I felt it last week. A Nic spring afternoon, that felt like spring.

While you may not be able to attend your kids basketball game, cause it is cancelled, you can still go outside.

Why not take that basketball player out to the stream. The original social distancing. You will both get some should points for that activity.

Check out this video from a number of years ago. All fishing done with a dry fly. A fun day for sure. That is out there.

Wait until the snow stops flying here in the canyon…and then step into the river.

The fish could be rising. Let’s hope so.

That would feel good right now.

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  • FlyFinaticLou
    March 14, 2020 9:06 pm

    I’d be lying if I weren’t apprehensive about keeping that “social distancing” thing In-Check and hoping my Cascade Room is “spotless” (virus free) upon arrival next month. I’ll be 69 (my favorite #) next week but my “inner-workings” are probably pushing 79, so I do HAVE to be Extra Cautious – not gonna hide under my desk, but I am “concerned” – this “bug” will probably kill me IF I get it. Very sobering thought. Any-who, on a brighter note, I was about to say that these “kids” these days have this “Social-Distancing” down pat . . . they hardly ever mingle, it’s like always via that damn Smart Phone with a text or a tweet or a photo-chat or . . . anything but in person it seems. Turns out that could wind up being a good thing !?. HA ! You may not recognize me in my military hazmat suit but I’ll be out there “swinging,” flies that is . . . get your mind out of the gutter. ha ha.

  • The show has begun here in Michigan – fish moving to stonies stuck in the slicks. Avoid the fast stuff. Fish the greasy shade. Let’s roll!