Squeeky’s Thoughts on Hump-Day

Squeeky’s Thoughts on Hump-Day

Believing only in fly pattern is like only believing in your personal dress. Just ’cause you look cool, you like the threads you’re donning, are following the newest trend, does not directly correlate to success in life, work, or hunting heads.

Many wrongly believe so.

Believing in a singular component, putting all the stock in one item, of a much larger equation is simply too one note. Fish do not care how much you want them to eat a specific fly pattern. Not one squirt of piss.

Drift is analogous to character, personality. Like your vibe, man.

You gotta have the latter before you have the former.

Or both, but the latter, first.


Squeeky’s thoughts today.


You can buy flies. You cannot buy a great drift. You cannot substitute time on water. Period. Practice, and soul points get you closer to Valhalla.

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