Squeeky's Winter Bobber Set-Up

Squeeky’s Winter Bobber Set-Up

Squeeky’s Winter Bobber Set-Up

Looks like most of you will be either be swinging flies on your Trout Spey rod or nymphing for the next several months. I too will be engaging in both of these winter disciplines until we see a few fish getting closer to the surface hopefully in late February 2021. Here we go with Squeeky’s Winter Bobber Set-Up.

Some midge in the canyon and beyond. John mentioned some pretty good heads poking out this last week. Maybe this could be a good midge year?!

We often get asked what we use when fishing out there looking for a few rainbows during all the Missouri River seasons including the winter months. Here is my preferred winter nymphing set up.

Fly Rod: Sage 690 Sonic. Love this rod. Lots of power to cast long. But we don’t need to for much of the winter, but has enough horsepower to cast even the heaviest of nymph rigs if needed. I just like rods that give you all of the necessary tools. No more wimpy fly rods for me. The Sage Sonic is just what the doctor ordered. A six weihgt is the perfect nymph rod for all of our Missouri River seasons.

Fly Line: RIO Xstream Indicator Line. Why not have a bobber specific fly line for your nymph rig. This is another common question in the Headhunters Fly Shop. Why should we have a nymph line? Well, quite simply because it handles heavily weighted nymph rigs much better allowing large wide open loops reducing the tangle quotient. And we can all appreciate that! The hydrophobic tip is orange and float that bobber well. The weight forward design lobs those flies into the water. And when nymphing, any cast that lands in the water…is, a, good cast!

Leader: I love the RIO Indicator Leader. I use the 2X version. It is 10′ long. It is tapered for the first two feet, then a static 8 foot section. You can cut it to your preferred length. And, when re-tying or fixing one of those unheard of mishaps you do not have to get out your leader gauge and mic it. Just tie on a bit of 2X or taper to 3X and you are good. Works well for nymphing. Per the design!

Flies: A pink flavored bomb fly. Any of them. I do like the Amex or the Rainbow Czech. Ninch’s Bubble Yum is hot too. Followed by a Sow Bug or a Zebra Nymph. Or a Pink Lightening Bug. Or the Barbie Nymph. OR one of Ninch’s winter fly patterns. Or, any one of the fire bead selections. Not too hung up on pattern during the winter months. Just trying to find the right water and staying in that lane or water type. Genreally no split shot as the water we fish does not need the extra weight to achieve depth. Hence the bomb fly theory.

Bobber: I like the Air-Lock bobbers. Easy to move, no kinked line. Perfect.

And that is Squeeky’s Winter Bobber Set-Up. More of course all winter long on our staff picks for winter angling including Trout Spey rigs, set-ups, bobber set-ups, the midge dry fly game…your information source fishing Montana’s Missouri River is Headhunters of Craig.

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  • Good info SOL. You mention a couple of Ninch’s fly patterns in your blog, like the Bubble Yum and Red Delicious. I don’t see them for sale on your website. Do you sell them in the shop? During this crazy pandemic crap, some of us older guys can’t travel that far over the mountains. Just curious how to buy some? Hopefully will be able to get a vaccine soon. Thanks again for the good info!

  • Are you a full 10′ between bobber and first fly or typically around 6′?

    • Right now we are 4′-6′ from bobber to split, or first fly. We use a tunghead top fly to gain the depth. Or both can be tungsten too. OR split shot if you wish. But the slow water where you will be fishing is so slow, that you can just use a tungsten bead fly to achieve depth.

  • Thanks Mark

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