Stick Figure | Edge of the Ocean Video

Stick Figure | Edge of the Ocean Video

One of SOL’s fav’s these days is Stick Figure.

This mighty river flows to the ocean. I guess they all want to. Think about that one. The second sentence.

Trico’s still pretty hot out there. Caddis, Callibaetis showing, hoppers for many, and finally ants for those with a discerning trout palate.

Nymphers be nymphing inside the shadow of Grandfather Holter. The canyon pleasant, albeit green, on and below the surface. Toss an attractor in the weed-free-zones between gulps of your Margarita.

Edge of the Ocean a great summer tune for all you Headhunters to groove on, or with, or repeatedly, or when your kids are screaming, or…

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  • allan roberts
    August 23, 2023 3:31 am

    Great video….thanks for posting

  • Hello Squeek,
    Sorry I didnt get to say goodbye when I left BUT, fishing was as a good as early-mid 90s! My places had plenty of risers until squid drifters came close. Oh well, things we put up with. Will be lookn for bones on northshore Maui soon. Ciao

  • Great Song.

    Is that all the NW shore of Kauai? Pretty sure I’ve stood on those ridgelines. Will be chasing bones off of Anini Beach in 8 days. Time to trade the 6 wt for a 9 wt. Looking forward to having a consistent breeze over my right shoulder.

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