Stick Figure Once in a Lifetime

Stick Figure Once in a Lifetime

Like this one too. About a year ago posted Rise and Fall by Stick Figure. Same album. Today Once in a Lifetime. 

Buy this recored. You’ll dig it.

December. The fishing is good. the year is coming to a close.

The local hardcore contingent are fishing nearly daily. Some snow spitting occasionally. Put on your wool socks. Wander around the river and renegade outta the car.

Think about your trip for the coming year. Booking the popular months like June and July and September October sucker then normal. ATTN: lots of folks believe the river is too busy to fish. Nope. Just like restaurants are too busy to take your last minute reservation, The Mo experiences a similar fate.

Peak times are busy. The fishing is great. The river is busy. IF you don’t like lots of anglers around you come in December. User days are not as low as they were 40 years ago. They never will be.

The only thing I believe has lost traction are drive in movie theaters and many American super malls. Nat’l Parks, Disneyland, ski areas, roads, rivers, beaches, the country non urban environs, and the like are continuing to see more and more pressure. Covid sent the world back outside again.

If you don’t like crowds stop having babies. Or travel to cool places during non-peak periods. Julie and Sara can help you navigate through our seasonal calendar.

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