Still some snow in the hills!

Still some snow in the hills!

In the mountains too. Pooled up water everywhere here and there. I drove back from Kalispell today and witnessed winter. Yep, still alive and well on the westside of the divide. The image near Swan Lake Hwy. 83.

Here? Yes. Bottom line is the mountains, hills, and flats have snow on them. Quite a bit man.

The water is headed up again tomorrow Thursday. A trend I think.

Sun with daily hi temps in the mid 50’s to mid 60’s. And the requisite wind. At least for the next ten days. We like it.

Water temps are still cold and may come up. Or may not.

The water may rise again in the next week as well. Or not. We know it will not fall this next week.

The Dearborn tossing some occasional mud. Not enough to spook many.Still some snow in the hills!


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