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Stop SB 497 and Protect Montana’s Public Stream Access, Contact Your State Senator Immediately!

Stop SB 497 and Protect Montana’s Public Stream Access,
Contact Your State Senator Immediately

We need your help to protect the integrity of Montana’s Stream Access Law.  Contact your state Senator and ask them to vote NO on SB 497 immediately!

Montana’s treasured Stream Access law is being substantially revised and weakened by a bill that is being shoved through the Legislature at the 11th hour before transmittal.  This bill erodes Montanan’s right to access streams and rivers for fishing, hunting, floating, and other outdoor recreation.  It opens the door to allowing individual property owners, counties, or other governmental landowners to block a citizen’s access to our waters.  A draft of the bill is available here.

THIS BILL WILL BE VOTED ON BY THE FULL SENATE TOMORROW!  If you care about having the full access to waters of the state that Montanans have enjoyed for decades and want to pass on to the next generation, let your Senator know that you strongly oppose SB 497 today!

To find your Senator’s contact information, click the HERE.  Locate and then click on your place of residence on the map by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols to zoom.  Your Senator’s contact info will be displayed in a pop-up dialog box.  Please call or email them as soon as possible and tell them to protect Montana’s right to public access.

We hope all interested members of the public take the opportunity to protect Montana’s public outdoor heritage.


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