Fall no longer exists. We go from flip-flops to Muck Boots in a day. Yesterday Mark, Chad and clients got caught out in it. They new it was coming, but you never believe the temp is really going drop 40 degrees in an hour. North winds. Snow in your eyes. Push.

Iced up guides.

Max Matioli and I hit the river quickly yesterday afternoon. Temps around 20, dropping. Snow increased quickly as the afternoon wore on. The skies were absolutely loaded with waterfowl, and and it was obvious that every Swan in North Central was headed south. Our guides were icing up like it was 20 below. Super fast and super hard ice. Teeth and slobber were the only solution.

The trout were tailing all over the place. Whatever it is they root around for in the late fall. Scuds or Crawdads I’ve always assumed.

We stayed out long enough to hook some fish and get 1 or 2 to hand.

Storm 1 has arrived. Winter is here.

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