Strange Items in Squeeky's Boat

Strange Items in Squeeky’s Boat

Strange Items in Squeeky’s Boat

It should be titled The Not So Strange Items in Squeeky’s Boat. All the items listed below are times that you would find in my boat all 12 months of the year. I self admittedly carry way too much shit in the boat. A minimalist I am not. But I like to have the comforts of home on the river too. Why suffer? It’s trout fishing, not an overnight stint at your local gray bar hotel.

RIO Fly Line Cleaner: Not all that strange unless you realize that most of do not clean their fly lines. I don’t quite understand why wither. The fly line is the vehicle that delivers the fly to the target. I use them everyday. Honest. A clean fly line makes for happy casters!

Doodle Pro: Given to me by Bighorner Ryan Kitts when he was up here guiding for a few years before moving to beautiful and scenic Ft. Smith. It is the learning tool for those who do not understand english. It is an integral part of my personal tool kit. Teaching folks about fly rising requires all kinds of techniques. Including the Doodle Pro.

Binoculars: Every dry fly angler should have at least one pair of binoculars in their drift boat. For nature, for seasonal floating highlights, and definitely for rising fish out of your sight. Looking downstream and across the river with a set of Bino’s is imperative in my boat. It truly elevates your game. And good fishing guides elevate!

Glasses Cleaner/Wipes: Do I have to explain this one? Nothing worse than Gink smeared shades bro’!

Eye Drops: For clearing out those crusty dry fly eyeballs! One of the things I cannot live without. Moisture Eye Drops. In my pocket and strewn about in everything I own. not pictured

Tic-Tacs: Only 1 1/2 calories per. Yummy too. not pictured

Vans Boat Shoes: Breathable, sun protecting, Ultra-Cush Insole, hyper comfortable, and imperative time in Squeeky’s Boat. Have not always had Vans in the boat as I have had SIMMS, Crocs, Olukai, and more. But the Vans are the penultimate in drift boat fashion comfort.

Accu-Rite Thermometer and Humidity Gauge: Why wouldn’t you want to know those two stats? I do. Why? No reason.

Kellog’s Rice Krispies Treats: Because they make you cast better. And they fast good rocking Vans footwear. It could be any fun snack including Fruit Snacks, Licorice, Beef Jerky, smoked salmon, spreadable French Cheese, Wheat Thins, Pringles work well in boats…

Claritin: Allergies can ruin your day. A must have. Be smart out there. Carry the right goods.

5 Hour Energy: Dude. I get sleepy after lunch some days. I have found that most clients notice when I nod off. The rest are thankful and let it ride.

NexCare Tape: For those who burn their fingers stripping streamers. Tape up bro’ for all day long bugger whipping.

Clear Shop/Safety Glasses: When it gets late and the sun falls below the horizon you still need eye protection. I carry several pairs of these for just that scenario. Safety glasses save that trip to the ER. None at all too fun ever. Pinch your barbs too.

Alka-Seltzer: For those fellers who stayed at Joe’s Bar last night way too long and got tricked into trying the spicy Red Hots, Turkey Gizzards, or Pickled Eggs. 

Hand Warmers: Cheap comfort item. They sure feel good when the temp drops or you wake up with snow on the ground. Or it starts sleeting. Or…

Wet Wipes: For everyday fishing. A must have? You decide. I vote YES!

These are times I am thankful for on a nearly daily basis. Why not be comfortable. Why not have the right goods. I like to stuff my cooler full of fun drinks too, and snacks littered throughout the boat, and cupholders, a flask, a split or two of Prosecco, and…




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  • I thought I was the ONLY one who packed Rice Krispie Treats! Staple. And yes, they make you cast better. Proven.

  • For Fall days – Thermos of Chicken Noodle soup , for all days – cotton towel

  • where’s the can ‘o peanuts/M&M’s?????? Can’t fish without the extra carbs dude!

  • Can’t see anything that would qualify as strange. Every item listed or pictured should be carried by all I think.
    I have to comment, though, that if the “best if used by” date on the Krispie Treat is circa 2015 or earlier, that constitutes neglect and the goodie should be eaten immediately to prevent some voodoo- type hex being cast upon your boat

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