Sub-Surface School Sept. 26-30

We’ve only got 2 spots left for our new Sub-Surface Fly Fishing School coming up at the end of September. We talk “Dry Fly” all the time, but the reality is that nymphing is an important part of most modern fly fishers game plan. You can go a day or two without nymphing, but it’s hard to go a week – or a month – without tossing a nymph rig. And while the Missouri River is undoubtedly one of the best Dry Fly rivers in the world, it’s also one of the best nymphing streams… if you know what, where, when and why.

And that’s what this school is all about. Our recent dry fly school focused primarily on “the cast”, because that’s the most important aspect of technical dry fly fishing. In our Sub-Surface School, we’ll be focusing way more on rigging for different techniques like “short-leash” and “right-angle” nymphing. Everything from leader construction to knots to fly selection. Well also be talking in-depth about holding water, and why it changes over the course of the season. Food sources will be a serious focus, as will choosing the right pattern to imitate those food sources. We will also be talking about proper equipment, lines and wade fishing vs. boat fishing.

I can go on and on, there’s a boat load of stuff to talk about when it comes to what is arguably the most technical style of fishing on the Missouri River.

If you’re interested, grab a buddy, sibling, significant other, parent or child and grab those last 2 spots. It’s an all-inclusive package including lodging, meals, guiding, presentations… everything. Call the shop at 1-877-379-3597 or 406-235-3447 if you have questions or want to sign up.

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