Sub Zero Saturday

Not much to report on this sub-zero Saturday. Too cold for pretty much any and everything. So, lets learn through observation. Here’s a short clip I shot at the request of a customer a couple of weeks ago. Aerial shots can really help you understand the dynamics of spey casting. For this one, I had Mark pop out a couple of river-right Double Spey casts. Watch the anchor placement, low hands, quiet upper body and smooth Dloop stroke. This was performed with a 12’6″ #6 and a compact Scandi head. Before you ask, yes we would perform this a little differently with an ultralight troutspey and Skagit head. Stay tuned.

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  • Great visual. Says a lot in 30 seconds! I tell my three thirty-somethings that everything they think is new is a remake from somewhere- music, movies and even fishing. The speycasting techniques of today are so reminiscent of the power rollcasts of years ago. The rods available were there wispy Fiberglas types (Wonderrods, etc) or amazingly powerful but short cane, but using a technique very similar to the stroke on the video allowed for some awesome longline rollcasts with bamboo! And Charlie Brooks taught those trying his deepnymphing with a super fast sinking line and stone weighted like a paperweight as well.
    What has been forgotten becomes new again with deservedly new names, new gurus, new products (great new stuff which became my gift list for this year) promoted by quality people like those at HH!
    Thanks for the great daily posts in 2016- the humor, the videos, and above all the honest commentary.
    Keep up the daily shit, enjoy the Christmas season and thanks from an old geezer. Perhaps when it warms a touch we can exchange techniques on river. I’ll stay home a while cause when you’re my age, standing in really cold water can cause shrinkage that may not be easily reversed. Ha!
    Thanks John and Mark.

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