Summer Solstice 2017

Summer Solstice 2017


A long one yesterday.

Longer this week to come. The 4th of July right around the corner.

PMD’s rocking. Some caddis around, and yes, they will eat it.

Trico’s on the horizon.

Fish up all over the place. The water is receding. Pretty quickly.

It’s good right now. Could it get better? I guess, for the wade fish crew it certainly could.

They’ll show when Mother Mo touches the 6K mark.

The dry fly court will arrive. Then the bullshit begins in earnest.

The men and boys, are divided at this point. If you can drift, you’ll get ’em.

If you suck…probably not.

Those who practiced this winter and improved their cast can plan on landing a few nice slabb-ers. Pretenders? Keep casting.

Approach with purpose, quietly, and drift it well my fishy friends.

Or. Or is not good.

Find that window into your soul out there this week. Think about what the rest are doing and, and conduct your day in a completely different manner. Dig deep. Do it.

Then, you can find Valhalla…



Trust me, I’m a guide. I’ve finished my expertly grilled Tuna Melt and am halfway through my Orange Fanta scratching this blog out…


Those who feel like I am ripping on you and criticizing your cast need not complain. Because, I am criticizing your cast/drift. Practice. Capt. Scott Yetter once said, “The fish make the ultimate decision.” He’s right.

Don’t complain about the trout. You are expected to perform here. The fish make the ultimate decision. It is not the fly, generally. Drift is king. If your drift sucks, the trout recognize that it sucks too. As Ben Hardy once said, “Don’t Hope it. Know it.”

So there you have it. Ben also said, “This is the show. Practice at home. Perform here. This is the Super Bowl of trout fishing, man.:”

And there you have it. Honesty from your information source here on Montana’s Missouri River.

So enjoy your day. A slack line presentation is the difference. A game changer. The current pace of water dictates that you perform at a higher level.

And to finish as John has often said before, “Here endeth the lesson.”

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  • Tom Dickson
    June 21, 2017 7:15 am

    Brutal, Mark. But you’re right. Dry fly fishing on the Missouri is the great equalizer. No matter whether you’re rich or poor, novice or veteran, here you have to earn your 20-incher.

  • Cmon. The guide perfectly places one 20-30 feet above rising fish. They tie the fly on, dress it appropriately and tell you exactly where to place it. Fishing the MO is like going to an aquarium to fish. Super fun to do, but by no means is this anywhere close to challenging….

    • That may be true for some. I am a dyi’er, so I only get what I can produce, hence my comment below.

  • Just like chipping out of the sand trap George, sheer repetition. You don’t come off the couch and expect to have success.

  • Marty Thomas
    June 21, 2017 10:25 am

    I’m in coach!

  • Dude!

  • I am ready. I am sooooo ready. Bring on the tricos, bring on the caddis, bring on the PMDs and bring on the delicious EAT from a streamwise toad that sees your perfect drift and confirms that you got it right. July 8 is the day when I get 6 straight days of dry fly action. I have an adipose with my name on it, get the oar locks ready for me please.

  • Preach!

  • Richard Cook
    June 22, 2017 5:40 pm

    Not fair, you must have been somewhere I couldn’t see you. Wade fishing a couple a weeks ago, I might have looked a little like you describe. You didn’t have to tell everybody. On the other hand, glad I could provide an idea for a post.

  • David Bender
    June 26, 2017 4:09 pm


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