Sunday BWO Image

Sunday BWO Image

Sunday BWO Image

Sunny. Sunday. BWO’s. Hatching. Today.

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  • cliff nagatani
    October 15, 2018 6:38 pm

    But are they sippn off the surface??

    • Yeah Cliff. Too much sun though. Sun for the next 10 days-ish. They get off to quick with the light wind and sun, as you know. Some decent action in the pm, but not epic right now.

      Cloudy, calm, moist, cool, etc…

      I’m doing the cloud dance right now in my living room!!!

  • ‘The Cloud Dance.’ Thank God I don’t get to witness that! Might lead to permanent mental scarring.

  • Mark:

    Seeing some knockdowns in the pic. Do you feel the necessity for specific patterns featuring a wing up and a wing down in the film on the MO?
    I have tied Kelly Galloup’s pattern which requires bending a TMC 100 hook resulting in a horizontal curve towards the tier. Then you apply a simple poly post – one end sticking out to the side and the other straight up. Seemed to work very well for fooling techy bank feeders on my local spring creek. What you say. Thanks

    • Our fish are not that techy yet…I like a Quigley’s Cripple and many of the Knock Off’s. A good presentation is still the primary tool to catch fish on the Mo. But yes, if that is your jam, then jam on!

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