Sunday Mo River Foreshadowing

Sunday Mo River Foreshadowing

Sooner than later. Not yet.

BWO’s have been reported here locally. Not what we have seen out there at all. Lots of the baby BWO’s, no longer in the Baetis family, but the smaller cousin.

BWO’s, the true insect, will not come without lower water temps. So, have a great time, fishing to smaller olives.

We are damn close though with water temps currently 56F. It can happen at this temp, and may very well kick off a great month ahead.

Will the trout eat BWO patterns that are larger than the insect the trout are enjoying? Yep. They will.

Cripples, emergers, and some duns will get the fish interested.

What will keep them interested are great drag free drifts.

Swingers Unite! Weed levels continue to decrease as the swing bite advances.

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