Sunday Scenery Sunset Spey

The longest lasting and most incredible sunset I’ve witnessed in a long time occurred the other night. Mike, James and I had a hard time concentrating on fishing. The swing bite had been fantastic all day, until this last run. We decided the fish were watching the sunset instead of our flies.

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  • Looks like “someone’s” been a naughty-boy . . . why else would the ‘Gate-Keeper’ send down such a Dark-Cloud to engulf the perpetrator ‘Standing In The River Waving a Big Stick’? (homage to J. Gierach).
    Erie & Cool at the same time . . . Very Nicely Shot. What filtering did you use . . . any?
    Oh I see why the lack of success here . . . to much stick on the water (noisy) . . . combined with the Mean Clouds, must of scared the Fishies to the Far Bank ! Just jousting of course . . . Stay safe out their (lightening?).
    oh, ps; the email address is NOW slightly revised & ACTIVE – you can file, for now, until I “S***-Can my current faltering Computer.

  • What a great photo!

  • Notice the sunset when driving on the bridge threw in park jumped out and started to marvel. It looked like a special effects from a scifi movie!

  • Phenomenal photograph. Breathtaking.

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