Sunday Summer Scenery

Sunday Summer Scenery

Sunday Summer Scenery & Fishing Report

A nice summer dry fly image from the upper river. Warmth. Coming to river near you in 4 months.

High winds and snow forecast for today.

Pretty good traffic this last week even with the intermittent snow. A pattern of every other day. Today is the day. Snow.

Not too much for the week ahead. But we certainly have seen more winter this last two weeks than we have the previous two months.

A couple more months of light traffic not he river. Tax day is the last day of winter. Really the first sign of potentially great dry fly angling as well. We can certainly have good to great midge fishing with the trout eager to look towards the sky. It is a long winter for them as well!

Bugs on the surface get all parties interested. Headhunters Spring Special begins March 15th. $400 Guide Trips through the end of April. Discounted local lodging as well to bundle up a nice spring session. Call anyway almost anytime. We are open every day but Christmas.

Pink is the key for nymphing out there. Deep and slow inside bends. Fool around with your depth if you are not finding too many. Then fly. Depth first, or location. Commonly location as well. Many fish in too fast paced water. Don’t do it.

The swingers have been having good luck too. A good two handed bite the last month. Find yourself a good bucket and dredge with a heavier tip than you have this winter. 10′ of T-8 is one way to show the fish your fly. They gotta see it to eat it.

Action is important as well. The dead swingers are not having as much success as the fellers giving the fly some action.


Sunday Summer Scenery
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