#TBT 2008 Snow Fly Shop

#TBT 2008 Snow Fly Shop

The first year. 2008. It snowed then too.

This image from the first week open. It may be the first day open April 4th 2008. Snowed heavily that week. Bluebirds were traveling through. The BWO’s were popping. Midge too.

A lot has changed since the early days. We have heat in the building now. The original insulation in that shifty building was newspaper.

No refrigeration either. The Budweiser tasted pretty good then too. On the front porch. Still tastes good.

Closed again today. Maybe through the weekend? We do have a warm body inside the now cozy confines of the best fly shop in Craig. Answering phones, relaying the current frigid conditions, packaging and mailing the online orders quickly.

You want to get a fly line, tippet, a rod, a cool HH hat? Order it online so you can break it in before your 2021 trip to the MO. Questions about rods, trout spey lines, best time for dry fly anglers or beginners? Just pull that phone from your pocket and give us a buzz. Love to chat about trout fishing even when the mercury levels is below ZERO!

We will let you know here first, when the water is fishable. Soon. Not real soon, but soon. Maybe next week.

Happy Thursday. Only one more work day ahead of you. Take Friday off. And, leave early today. Why not. It is February.

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  • My 2008 journal says there was a pretty good hatch of BWO that April and that there was a new fly shop coming to life in Craig. Both still around, which I consider a good deal. Keep blogging and stay warm

  • Do you guys still see the April BWO’s like 2008 and are these hatches as prolific? Rivers change.

    • Our Spring BWO has been the better of the 2. The fall BWO not soo good in the past few. This last year not good at all. Yeah that was a good one in 2008. The BWO has not been as strong in the past several years. Let’s hope we got a good one this year John!

      • I can remember a carpet hatch around that year, when Prickly Pear blew out the whole river and I didn’t see a trout rise all day, but the bugs were THICK.

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