The 10 Most Important Missouri River Flies for Fall

The 10 Most Important Missouri River Flies for Fall

Checking out the fly boxes for the fall season in Craig. Removing the PMD boxes, alas, the caddis boxes although we still have that autumn tan caddis size 14-16 and the October but in lesser numbers, and the Trico box will have another week or two in the boat box, but then too it leaves.

Tossed in the soft hackle array, the October Caddis box, and all the streamer boxes/cups.

Organized the 2 handed trout stuff and installed a couple items in the boat. The rest will become fully available soon!

While roaming through the boxes and preparing for the next month I was thinking about the 10 must have patterns for fall. Pretty simple really. And here they are. Don’t go to the Mo without them!

  1. Parachute Adams. The Callibaetis is a thing here. Not in huge hatch numbers, not anything like the other mayfly hatches, but a real player for our trout. Blind fishing it. Sight fish it. Tie a dropper from it. Fish them from 10-20 this next couple months.
  2. October Caddis Dry Fly. For tying a dropper from. An orange Chubby with the wing chopped. A classic if you fish the Kaufmann’s Stimulator. I tend to lean toward the Adams, for my October blind dry. But others like the big orange.
  3. Gold Ribbed Hares Ear. A big one for the aforementioned Callibaetis. Like a 10 or a 12. An afternoon killer on the Mo. Why later in the day? Oh, I don’t know, but that has been the gig for this author for years, decades really. A tungsten bead can be a game changer on this fly. Split shot works too.
  4. Black Soft Hackle. Tie it off anything. It works. Any size you desire.
  5. Frenchie. Good on April 1st, good on October 1st, and everywhere in-between. All sizes.
  6. Tailwater Sowbug. Big ones. I like the bigger ones this time of year. They grow too!
  7. Thin Mint. Or Blue Tailed Bugger, Beth’s Britches. A black or olive or brown Woolly Bugger.
  8. Kreelex?! Yessir.
  9. Little Green Machine. Trout love BWO flies in the fall.
  10. Callibaetis Cripple. We love the DOA or Nymen’s.Blind it, sight fish it, dry off and repeat.

All in stock at HH of Craig. The Best Flies Under the Big Sky? Yep, you betcha. See you in the shop or on the water this fall!

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