The Dungeon Keeper

Kelly Galloup’s Sex Dungeon is without a doubt one of the most popular large tandem streamer patterns in the West (World?). The articulated movement, swimmy materials, and large deer hare head that pushes water making noise is a great combination. It’s an expensive fly – lots of materials and complicated – but we sell lots of them. Anglers buy them for the Missouri, but they know that it will work anywhere in the world.

Ben McNinch has been working on some tri-tone variations for the shop, and we’ve just recieved a batch of the first color combo; Black/Olive/White or BOW. Sexy looking and in a color combo we love, especially during early spring. Ninch had them tied in both the standard #2 and the “mini” Dungeon Keeper size #6. We typically use the larger version while stripping from the boat, and the smaller is very popular with the Spey crowd (as well as from the boat).

Ninch is calling these variations The Dungeon Keeper. Available at the shop now, so if you’re heading our way this weekend, stop in and check ‘em out. Looking at the forecast I expect many of you will be out on the water this weekend. Both patterns are also available on-line.

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