The Jet and Randy Steal Home

The Jet and Randy Steal Home

Unreal. The ability to steal home requires smarts, speed, and patience. Just like a good dry fly angler.

The dry fly angler, a successful one, has to be smart. Watching the rise form, understanding the cadence of raise, and being in touch with what insects are on the daily menu.

DFO’s sometimes need some line speed. That means an angler who practices his cast. Not just a 3 day a year feller. Not an angler who believes he or she can get better casting by just fishing. Like HH Guide Steve Collie mentioned to me the other day “You have never spoken with a golfer who said they got better by just, or only, golfing. They would understand that seeing the pro, or spending time on the driving range would certainly improve their game.

Interesting huh. Never heard an angler state the same thing. Actually only once. And that angler improved considerably in one years time.

So what you gonna do this winter? Practice? Or just be happy with your performance this past season. It is your choice. Truly. If you are an angler that was not able to capitalize on your dry fly opportunities this year, or the past 20 years, inaction is not the answer.

Casting lessons is the answer.

Just like Randy Arozarena. He’s a pro. Randy practices. He has coaches. And Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez is a dry fly angler.

So today I want to be like The Jet, or Randy Arozarena. Smart, quick, with plenty of patience.

Yo see Randy A wait, watch, and learn the pitchers cadence. He was patient. Most newer dry fly wanna-be’s do not have patience. They cannot wait. They have trouble waiting for the right moment. They cannot wait. They rush in like the Young Bull. Be the Old Bull and catch them all.

Be like Randy. Be like the Jet. BE patient. Take casting lessons. Practice. Be a pro. Steal Home.



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