The last day of Zep-tember

The last day of Zeptember

Heading out of a strong Zep-tember in style.

This is the official film video of the Immigrant Song 1972. Produced by the band. Raw rock and roll. The way Page gets after it in the latter half of the song is pretty rad. That guy must have sold his soul. They always claim it was Plant. But we all know Page went deep.

Snowed Saturday night. Not a lot. But snow. Sleet really.

We are damn excited to move into the 10th month. October is great.

Should have a fantastic BWO event this year. All the indications are pointing that direction.

We will have to wait and see. But, don’t wait to book your fall trip to the Mo.

Operators standing by. Dancing really. Rocking out to The Immigrant Song by the Greatest Rock and Roll Band of All-Time.

Fall, Greatest Rock and Roll Band of All Time, Led Zeppelin
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