Mozuri Minnow Tying Video

The Mozuri Minnow Just Add Vise Video

Mozuri MinnowJohn created this Mozuri Minnow based on the widely popular Yo-zuri Minnow that many of you are familiar with outside of fly fishing.

Toss this Mozuri Minnow and catch a few walleye, or those pesky trout too.

Great winter fly for us on the Mo. Not too bad for the spring summer or fall either.

Come in and get them tied by us in our overstuffed streamer bins, or come in and get a Just Add Vise Mozuri Minnow kit today.

Mozuri Minnow
Get yours only at Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig

No tying tonight in Craig, but next Wednesday we will again host our bi-weekly tying night @ Headhunters Fly Shop 6-8pm.

You ought tie this feller up. Or the always wildly popular Kreelex. We have that too in a JAV kit. Lots of winter flies offered in this perfect tie one fly kit. Enough materials for 20+ flies.

Shop these Missouri River favorites like Pink Lightening Bug, Grape Slushy, Rainbow Czech Nymph, Firebead Ray Charles, Zebra Midge, Wire Worm and may more!

Buy the Mozuri Minnow today at Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service today.


Get on the Mozuri Minnow with this set up. A RIO Skagit Max Short and tip it out with a RIO MOW tip. Tie on a short leader and your Mozuri Minnow. Swing on my fishy fiends.

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