Reach Cast Video

The twice annual Reach Cast Discussion

The twice annual Reach Cast discussion kicks off today this hump day in mid July.

The other time we talk about this is when me, Mark, has nothing else to say ion the mid winter.

Or nothing of value daily to say about fly fishing the world’s finest trout fishery.

Long time clients Joe and Paul Taylor are here from Rome NY and they do understand the validity of the reach cast. More fish are caught when you employ some sort of slack line presentation when fishing to our often difficult bastard fish freely rising trout.

I’ve been fishing with them 15 years and they know what I’m gonna say before I say it. Comments like, “I know, a reach cast would work here” come from their mouths when I open my mouth to gently probably rudely   suggest trying…

If you don’t, you may as well be practicing non fish catching techniques. Shoot, you can do that at home, in your back yard without freely rising wildly reproducing whities rainbows and browns.

Back to the Reach Cast. Use it. Live it. Love it. Test on Monday.

Use it only if you want to catch more fish.


Reach Cast from scumliner media on Vimeo.

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  • […] Mark Raisler from Headhunters Fly Shop, on the banks of Montana’s Missouri River, explains why he loves the reach cast and why you need to perfect this technique. The video lesson is worth your time, for […]

  • Thanks for the schooling. Two years ago I practiced the reach cast on my home waters preparing to fish the Missouri. The fist cast to a rising fish on the Mo was a reach cast with an Adams. Surprised myself by making a good cast and caught the fish. Thanks again. See you in September.

  • Mark,

    Love the video and the deadly reach cast. Love the sitting Jimmmy Houston set…all that’s missing is a big Phat fish kiss.

    Keep up the unrighteousness !

  • Nice video!

    An often missed out part of the tech cast is that because of the angle the distance of the fly from the angle is slightly shorter than a straight cast. With downstream cast this is not much of an issue, but when casting upstream the fly will land too close to the target. If you reach too hard, you might even hit the fly on the nose of the fish…

    To adjust this missing out a foot or so, just shoot line a bit with the delivery cast.

    One question:
    Are you a fast caster? Your cast makes this ‘swoosh’ noise. I tell my students that they are using too much force and should slow down their cast.

  • ‘tech cast’ = reach cast.
    Darn spelling checker…

  • love it..

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