The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead & Fishing Report

The Week Ahead & Fishing Report

Pretty damn cold here in central Montana. Shop is open. Counting flies, products, and such for the year end wrap up. The only non-staff to stop in the shop today were looking for a bathroom.

Question for you out there today. How often do you stop in a retail store, use the bathroom, and then leave? Without buying anything. Is that OK?

Curious on your thoughts.

Fishing Report 12.26.21

Updating for those who need a weekly fishing report. And we agree. Updated is good. Not updated websites equals lazy. And nobody likes a lazy fly shop…

Too cold. Below ZERO. Not 32F. 0F. Nobody fishes when it is this cold. And you shouldn’t. Too cold. Too cold to pull the fish from the water to release etc. Stay home. Too cold.

Flows 3950cfs. Moving higher as the cold sets in. Water temps 36.5F.

No bugs. In couple months maybe. Midges next on tap.

Swingers. Mostly swingers. Catching fish. Deep. Skagit tips. 5×5 IMOW or deeper. 2.5/7.5 or 10′ T-8? All on the horizon.

Nymphers? Go to the dam and tie on pink, and split shot, and toss it in the slowest moving water you can find. Strike when the bobber moves 1mm.

The daily air temp do not crack the 32F mark for the next ten days. Not a great time to fish the Mo.

Tasks to keep your fly fishing mind busy include…

  • Tying Flies
  • Organizing Flies. Tossing crappy old flies and re-org’ing existing fly boxes.
  • Buying Flies. Call today and we will get the best in the mail for you. 406-235-3447 is the Fly Hotline.
  • Cleaning fly lines. Always important. If you do it today you can claim you cleaned them, once, this year.
  • Cleaning fly rods. Wipe them down with water. Clean those grips too. Careful you do not go overboard on cork grips as the filler can disappear if you are too aggressive.
  • Send in broken fly rods. Manufacturers will get to your rod if you send it in today. When they receive the rod in June, the time period expands into the fall, or next winter. Get them in the mail today. Look online on the Manu’s site and follow the simple instructions for getting them worked on.
  • Book your 2022 trip(s). Why not get your name in the books. Seure your lodging and guide trips today. Rental boats? Yeah, we got those too.
  • Watch football.
  • Fantasize about the summer forthcoming.
  • Shovel the driveway. That’s what we are doing here in Craig Montana. And counting flies…
  • I’m sorting through my storage areas and cleaning up the roll-arounds. A bit of a mess. Not really, but I like to keep things pretty tight as I move through my 50’s. It may get worse. The organization tendencies…
  • None of the above.
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