Thin Mint JAV Tying Video

Thin Mint JAV Tying Video

Possibly on one of the best sellers in any fly shop the last several years has been this Woolly Bugger-esque pattern.

Many just call this a Woolly Bugger, and they are right. But the materials coupled with the thin-ness of this pattern really help it shine. It sinks fast, swims well enough, and catches trout. What else do you need.

Decent fishing the past week plus. Air temps rising enough to get anglers released from the confines of their inner homes. Not only are the streamer junkies celebrating but the Trout Spey gang is bent out there a well.

The Thin Mint is a hero fly for many as it coaxes trout with both the strip and swing. Use it here on the Mighty Missouri with great success.

Or use it on your local resource. It’ll work anywhere. This adaptation of the classic Woolly Bugger.

Order your Just Add Vise (JAV) Kit here. Easy peasy. It’ll arrive on your doorstep in a couple days.

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