10 Things Anglers don't like

10 Things anglers don’t like…

10 Things anglers don’t like…

The goal of many fishing days is to get through the day, catch a couple fish, and avoid the 10 Things anglers don’t like.

We have all made mistakes on the water and got too close, run over rising fish, and blocked the boat ramp for too long. But, on this early May day let’s remember to be on our best behavior out there and make the river a better place for all!

  1. Bad Boat Ramp fella’s. Those anglers who block the boat ramp for too long. The best idea is to get ready in the staging area, prep everything, and then dump in your boat. It is best for everybody.
  2. Crowding another angler on a dry fly flat. If you like your space, give it right back. This is a big river and act accordingly.
  3. High sun. Hard to control that one.
  4. Running out of toilet paper. Bring a few extra rolls.
  5. Low-Holers. This is not all that common but not everybody know the etiquette hee. IF a boat is floating down a bank, you cannot pass a boat and come under said boat while drifting. If the boat is anchored, then give them some room and then come under.
  6. Wind. Hard to control this one too. But if you are familiar with the river, sometimes you can choose a spot or reach to dodge the wind somewhat. Upstream wind is a bitch.
  7. Respect wade fisherman. They have walked in and are on foot. Give them room.
  8. Geese. Nothing more than we hate than the loud Geese’s.
  9. Warm beer. YETI Hopper will cure this evil angler issue.
  10. Bad fly line. Get new fly lines yearly, or clean your fly lines often. Fly line cleaners are cheap. $0.99 will get you a RIO Fly Line cleaning pad. Good clean fly lines will get to the fish faster and more efficiently.

If you can avoid all of these problems today, you are winning.

May rocks on the MO. Get here now. Crowds in June and July.


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  • #2 is a big one. I was fishing this week and had a couple guys wade in and start casting right next to me. As in, casting to the same fish. What the hell? The man is right, it is a big river.

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