Thursday 12.17.20 Missouri River Fishing Report

Asked the shop staff what the previous 10 flies out the door were and they are as follows.

  • Kures Micro Zonker
  • Red Delicious
  • Doppleganger in Grey
  • Fruit Roll Up Black
  • Pig Pen Leech
  • Wooly Bugger Black Grizzly Beth’s Briches
  • Arnold’s Sili Scud 10
  • Pill Popper
  • Tailwater Sow
  • Yum Yum
  • Rainbow Czech Nymph
  • Firebead Ray Pink

Cold Water at 37F. It is winter. Winter water rules apply. Find the slow and soft stuff. And stay there. Get deep, and slow.

Flows are currently lower than average. Historical winter flows in the previous 10+ years have been closer to 5K. So what is happening this year? Shit, who really knows man. I will put in a call to the water managers and see what the future could hold for us the remainder of the winter season. And, info coming here of course. Your Mo River Information Hookup is at HH of Craig.

Breezy this coming weekend. So get on your wind proof gear and head out there. Or wait ’til that wind abates.

Possible overcast skies will help the fish and their lakeshores of sunglasses. They cannot quint either. Winger fish like slate colored skies.

Not many anglers around. Less than 5 daily. Certainly more weekend anglers for sure.

A few guide trips out this month. The trout spey and nymph fellas are booking the occasional trip.

Packaging up Christmas Gifts daily and getting them out to Santa. Call or order online anytime.

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