Thursday Fishing Report Montana's Missouri River

Thursday Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Thursday Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River

Past the tipping point of October looking at the Thursday Fishing Report Montana’s Missouri River. On the short end of the month. Boy, it is happening fast.

We have had 6 great ones. Maybe 6 1/2. Do not miss the 7th. It is coming. Maybe in the next couple of days. The weather is variable and feels like it wants to break into our preferred fall weather pattern. But, alas, we will only see the temps become seasonable as the skies will not be filled with clouds. A few days it looks threatening, but will have to wait and see.

It could happen. The air temps are in the 50’s for most of the next week.

Until the dry flies are stuck to the water with the cool moist conditions we are so very happy with the way the month is filling out. Pretty consistent dry fly action in the afternoons. And some unexpected morning action with that tiny diptera fly that is small and gray and blackish. A small cluster or a single midge pattern can get those tough morning risers to commit.

Back to the afternoon goodness. Stop that wind too if you have any pull with the big fellow up top. Bugs, mayflies, dry their wings rapidly with the sun and wind. They do not stick around to see the happy ending for sum the angler.

So, fewer bugs means good drifts because the fish are wary with higher sun in the skies. Not terrible fishing til about 5pm. Late nights have been difficult because the fish are sporadic and will not rise int eh same spot twice. A crap shoot deal for sure.

Longer leader can help during the day. We love a RIO Powerflex Plus 12′ or a TroutHunter Harrop 14′.  Try oe of these out this fall on the Mo. Stop in to get all your trout fishing needs specifically for those sometimes difficult fall Missouri River trout. Headhunters is your local fly pattern source too on this fabled river. All the techy CDC and poly-winged cripples and emergers. Soft hackles too.

Nymphing is excellent. I need not write anymore on this subject. If you can’t get them on a nymph right now, you need to do more research. Because…they are catching fish on nymphs right now. Or look back at any one of the past several hundred HH Fishing Reports and glean some info. Or, come by the shop and we will gladly help.

Streamer fishing better than the last couple weeks. Trout are lighting up the smaller flies and patterns. But if you gotta have some bigger junk come by and we have that stuff too. Lots of ways to get it done here on the Missouri and we advocate all of it!

Swingers are mobbing the store daily. We are your Montana Trout Spey Headquarters. Demo rods, tons of demo lines from all of the manufacturers, and the shop knowledge to get you out there and doing it. Check out our Spey Page for add’l information. And always stop in to chat with our expert trout spey shop staff. Lots of patterns to swing too.

The entire river is fishing well top to bottom. Free coffee daily here at the shop. Shuttles, rental boats, guides, lodging, local info, long shop hours 7am-8pm. Stop in to see how we can increase your catch rate!

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