Thursday Fishing Report A warming trend

Thursday Fishing Report. A warming trend

Thursday Fishing Report. A warming trend

The air temps have risen above the freezing mark. Nice.

The water temps? Not really. Well, they are above the 32F locked up solid mark. But not much. Current water temps are below. A frigid 35F. Pretty stable too. It will reach up into the low 36F range at some point. A big difference in fish activity at 36F.

Thursday Fishing Report A warming trend

Winter Nymphing Report

The reports from the river include a bunch of slow fishing stories. The water temps alone will keep the bite slower than it will become as we move closer to spring. Nobody is cleaning up. Some out there fishing a pink fly below a bobber and others are swinging it up.

PINK is the word of course. No hero reports as stated above. A fish or two an hour. Most are above the fishy town of Craig towards the dam. That is the common winter stomping ground. Good access too. A reminder that it is private property along the river and that some have parked in front of field gates. Remember that all of that property is private and it is an active ranch. Respect those land owners.

Fishing the inside runs in that slow ass water is the key. Winter water. None of that good looking stuff. I used to say stay away from the sexy looking shit. But that term is so 2010. A new term? I don’t have one yet. Just look for the whitefish water and you are in the right place. Your bobber should not move that fast. No, not at all.

Lead your bobber with the line if you want to see the subtle winter-esque type of takes. Hit ’em all. That pause can be the take. The fish sniffing it. Looking at that gaudy pink fly. Leading the bobber with your fly, not dragging it. Keeping the line tight without being too tight, without dragging it.

Come by the shop and we will bore you to tears explaining the program, if you wish. We have the flies too. Not our first winter here in Craig. Well over 100 winter patterns for your frozen feet fishing pleasure.

Spey and Streamer Report

As for the steamer fans, slow. About a fish an hour there too. The fish are sluggish. Wait for the take when the fly is not all that active. Not moving too fast. Or not even moving. They will eat that too.

A good time of the year to get out and embrace the Trout Spey rod. We got lots of demo’s in stock, new rods in stock, and the #1 Trout Spey line dealer in Montana. Call us or stop in. IF we don’t have it we can get it pronto.

Free group lessons/spey clinics offered from us here at Headhunters. Sign up early for those as they do fill up. Private Spey Casting Lessons? Yep we do those too. Or take a spey guide out for the day and really get after it. You will learn a ton about the cast, the type of water to target not only in the winter but as we move into the spring and summer. Raise the bar this year with your 2 handed spey game. Headhunters is the learning center for the Missouri River. The education leader.

Fly Tying Night

Last night a big turnout. No, not really. But fun times had at HH. Tied up come ugly pink bomb flies for me. Others included a Purple Chubby, X-Caddis, Fruit Roll-up while John entertained us with some funny steelhead stories.

A few more tying nights in the future. 5-8pm. Low key and definitely low pressure. Kind of low brow at times too.

Headhunters Winter Hours

The same as the summer. But not open as long per day. Open daily from 8am til 5pm. Shuttles available, winter lodging at 35% off, discounted winter guide trips, fantastic spey conversation, bobber tips galore, coffee water drinking etc. Booking agents are standing by daily as there is always someone to answer the phone and help you with your questions about spring, summer, and fall fishing here on the Missouri River in Craig Montana.



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