Thursday, Halloween, The Nat's WIN, and November Ahead

Thursday, Halloween, The Nat’s WIN, and November Ahead

Thursday, Halloween, The Nat’s WIN, and November Ahead

Not much to report today other than the river is quiet. Not too many around.

Not one guide trip out the last couple days. And that is good. Why? Because it was just awful out there. Windy to the point of blowing small Wolf Creek children away. It’s OK, they landed in Craig, and got an UBER back home.


But this morning much better. Slate skies, calm winds, and BWO’s prepping for an emergence. It’ll happen today. Good times had by those on the water this Thursday.

No need to get on early unless you want to toss the streamer for a bit. Or swing. The BWO comes off after 1pm. So a “Crack of Noon” start time is acceptable. Encouraged. Practiced Often!

Stop in the shop for a Thermos Refill, a few flies from 7wt, and the best river intel in the canyon. Winter hours are in effect sometime next week. Now we claim to be there 8am til 7pm. But I wouldn’t count on it. The late part. Call if you believe you may be coming in late and need us to be there. Late check-ins…Dropping 3K on Christmas presents…you know.

Halloween Fishing

Yes. Scared fish for sure. Had a couple staff out there slinging ’em around today. Yes, they got ’em. Streamers and dries. Best streamer? Flashy was the word. Green-ish/bronze-ish/bait-fish like. Medium sized. Didi not toss the black leechy stuff, but that has been OK too. Dries? Cripples. Duns.

Washington Nationals WIN World Series

Yep. A Wild Card Team. Play hard. Win 11.Didi you notice the older generation salty old ball players that held that team together? Just like old fishing guides. John and I got a few more years in us. Not that we are old, or crusty. Just salty mature.

And yes. A few junior ball players, just called up this summer, that killed it. Like HH. A well rounded attack, filled with knowledge, youth, maturity, tenure, integrity, and let us not forget about fun.

November Starts the 1st. Again.

We love November here at Headhunters. The staff does.The guides do. We all do. The entire HH cast. Check out the image above. Take a mental picture. Then when you feel like your day is not going well, think of us here in Craig. And remember that we are on the water casting to fish engaged in the image above…

Chuggin’ Baetis

Unless it is blowing a hundred. Then we’re in Joe’s. Talking about fishing.

Headhunters of Craig

Open. Give us shout about the ECHO Trout Spey Deal if you want in. You do. Going to shorter hours as mentioned above soon. Remember that HH is your Winter Fishing Fly Shop as we are the most open fly shop in the world. Honest.

Fortunate to be here on the banks of the Missouri River in Downtown Craig Montana.

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