Thursday High Water Fishing Report

Thursday High Water Fishing Report

Thursday High Water Fishing Report

Current Water Flows 19,400 cfs. Clear and Clean. The tis the start of the Thursday High Water Fishing Report…

No new news here on the watery last day of May front. All good, really.

Toston inflows are stable and slightly falling at 26,100 cfs.

Below Holter Dam the water temps are in the sweet spot here at 55-ish F. Bouncing trout out there.

Flows may be static for the weekend ahead. We hope so. We are just getting comfortable at the 19K mark.

Flows are such that the inside out nymphing game have become the most consistent method. Outside in if you wish. Both effective and entertaining. You gotta get the flies deep if you want the fish to see them. Not too many fish suspended looking, chasing wildly, a tiny PMD mayfly. Nope. That does not follow the trout efficiency model. Missouri River trout just do not chase the fly unnecessarily.

2 or 3 splits of some size. Big ones and little ones. All kinds of them. If you want to get splitty techy come by the shop and we can help. We got big bobbers too.

If you are not touching the bottom quite often, you may not be deep enough. If the bobber is static for too long, you are not deep enough. If you are not losing flies, you are not deep enough.

Sows and worms. But if you like to toss other flies, and they totally work, we have them too.

Thursday High Water Fishing Report

Contrary to popular belief, the entire Missouri River canyon is not out of Sow Bugs. Headhunters Fly Shop in downtown Craig has buckets full of sowbugs. The popular Tailwater Sow is in stock @ Headhunters Fly Shop. Come by and fill on up on the hot fly of the spring on Montana’s Missouri River. Fresh Ninch’s Pill Poppers in stock as of this writing!, Gut Sack’s, Yum Yum’s, Ray Charles, Soft Hackle Sows, and BH Tailwaters, Poxyback Sows…full bins ready to go! Just a smattering of what we have in store for you @ HH of Craig.

Lodging available at all sizes, riverfront, rooms for 2 and up!

Guides available daily.

River shuttles til late daily.

The best in Missouri River flies and friendly customer service.

Open early @ 7am and late til 8pm daily.


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  • Just want to mention that drift boats should not enter Sterling Channel at these flows. The entrance to the channel is on river right upstream from Craig for those unfamiliar with the river. The old railroad bridge over the channel has no head space!!! Beware-Danger!!

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