Thursday November 4th Missouri River Fishing Report Headhunters Fly Shop

Thursday November 4th Missouri River Fishing Report Headhunters Fly Shop

All good is this neighborhood. Water temps continue to be good for the bite. The fish like these fall temperatures. And one than the wind the weather has been seasonal. Well, the wind is always here. Average wind speed daily in Great Falls is 12.4mph.

No wind this weekend? Probably not. Friday is forecast to be quite windy. But it has been for the past week. Tuesday and Wednesday quite windy on the river. Whitecaps in some of those stale reaches.

Thursday looks the same. Friday, windy. The weekend? Gonna be sweet. Maybe. The fish don’t care what the water is. They’re all wet.

DFO. Looking for a few out there. Getting far more on the blind dry fly than posted up and casting art specific rising trout. Good blond flies include the Adams of any size like 10-20. Or Purple Haze, etc. Try hanging an emerged from the Adams ass. We like ’em long like 24″-30″. But some like them shorter than that. Bugs dam to Cascade. On any given day…

Nymphers. Sows, scuds, Zebra’s and small mayfly patterns. Two Bit, LGM, small PT’s and the like. Shorter the better.

Streamer Junkies. Light intermediate tips, or dry lines, fishing the fast or any water that you love. But, that slow ass water is not holding them, or eddies, yet. Wear temps dictate that the fish will move on the fly.

Trout Spey. Swing Season is in full effect. Guide trips out daily. Lessons available. Most are tossing the Scandi line and fishing higher int he water column. But recent Skagit talk at the shop as some are going to the depths and picking up some bruisers. Leeches, Carrie’s, Sparrow’s, and some like the flashy stuff.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily 8am. Shuttles, guides, rental boats, light easy fly shop chatter, coffee, warmth, and smiles.


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