Tips for Missouri River Holiday Weekend

Tips for Missouri River Holiday Weekend

Tips for Missouri River Holiday Weekend

Remember the reason for the weekend. Honor and remember those who have died in the service of our country. Remember them. Take a moment and give your respects to all who have passed.

  1. Fish early. Fish late. The most common put in time is about 9am. If you want, wait and get out about 10-11am. Filter in behind the masses.
  2. Bring beer. Stop in and get ICE from Headhunters of Craig. Flies too.
  3. Brown water too. If you are so inclined.
  4. Joe’s Bar open til 2 am. ATM at Joe’s as well.
  5. Izaak’s open nightly at 4pm. The fresh sheet has been loaded with goodies this past month. Real good.
  6. River Hub Cafe open with Pizza, flatbreads, and a nightly dinner special.
  7. Headhunters open daily @ 7am. Late too til at least 8pm. Late shuttles. Stop in for the best local fly selection. Procured by underground Craig internet legend 7wt.
  8. Use worms. Deep. Sows too.
  9. The secret stuff includes March Brown Nymphs, Peep Show’s, S & M, Pearl Lightening Bug, Little Green Machine, Two Bit Hooker, Ball Gag, Arnold’s Simi Scud, Zirdle Bugs, White Zonkers, UV Czech’s, Olive Caddis Pupa, Translucent Pupa, Purple Weight Flies…
  10. Your Lodging SuperStore
  11. If you are camping get here early.
  12. Get your life jackets out. Or know where they are in the boat. Do a safety check in and on and inside your boat. Extra oar, oar lock, first aid kit, Duct Tape, knife to cut anchor rope, throw line, cell phone. Be prepared. Be safe. It’s 16K plus man. Big water.
  13. Respect the water. Don’t go down Sterling Channel. Danger.
  14. Respect other anglers and boats.
  15. Wade fishing at the dam. And a few other select spots. Check with the fly shop for additional locations.
  16. Enjoy the weekend ahead. IT will be busy here on the Mighty Missouri River.
  17. It’s gonna be fun too.




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  • Well, Mark, as of 7:30 pm Friday the river was at 17.5k with a prolonged deluge in the Helena area. You guys are gunna have to find some bigger bobbers! Lol. You guys be safe out there this weekend, buddy.

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