Trico's? Yes.

Trico’s? Yes.

Trico’s? Yes.

Wednesday here on the Mo.

Trico’s? Yes.

Exceptional fishing for the dry fly enthusiast. Bring your “A” game man. You’ll need it.

Flows and water temps are ideal and better than we could have expected. Weeds will play a part in your late August future. Not the gooey kind though. Just the normal stemmy ones are in the water column. Some floating. Some in the water column.

Come on out and enjoy the Montana Missouri River summer. We certainly are.

The myphing is great too. Lots of fish, lots of fun.

If you can find a quaint hollow you can swing black soft hackles on your Trout Spey rod. With a good catch rate.

Trico’s? Yes.

Foto credit Leonard Gross Thanks Leonard!

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