Glimpse Rainbow

Trout. A glimpse…

All we get is a glimpse of the elusive trout.

We only get glimpses. Mere Glimpses

If you break down the time we tie flies, we plan trips, we talk about trout angling around the water cooler, the leader tying, the casting practice, the actual fishing when we make it to the creek…we only allow ourselves glimpses.

Mere glimpses is all.

Trout. Why many of us exist in this nutty world of fly fishing. Don’t ever break down the dollar amount per trout. You may not continue, perpetuate, eternize this awful addictive pastime.

We are just looking for a glimpse…a mere glimpse.

That is all you can expect.

I commonly ask folks how their day on the Missouri River has been. How was your day. How did it go.

A common answer follows…

“Great. Great day. Caught a few in the morning, quite a few in the afternoon…a perfect day. Did not land all the trout on the line. And, we had some larger than I normally catch, type fish on the line. ”

Just perfect day. The wind did not blow all that hard. Good conversation in the boat. My husband slept most of the afternoon…and the guide and I caught a few trout.

We even caught a glimpse of some awesome rising fish, that we did not even cast to.

A mere glimpse was all I needed to make my day perfect.

And perfect it was…”

All you need is a glimpse of perfection. Then you know what it feels like  and you can free yourself up to follow that path. The path to perfection.

Which only allow you to get nearer a mere glimpse of Trout.

And that is all we, you, need.

Come out to the Missouri River this late fall and winter for solace on the water, glimpses of trout…in a self healing environment.

This Mother Mo is concerned about your health. You need to be here, more often.

Honest. Trust me.

I’m a fly fishing guide!


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