Glimpse Rainbow

Trout. A glimpse…

All we get is a glimpse of the elusive trout.

We only get glimpses. Mere Glimpses.

If you break down the time we tie flies, we plan trips, we talk about trout angling around the water cooler, the leader tying, the casting practice, the actual fishing when we make it to the creek…we only allow ourselves glimpses.

Mere glimpses is all.

Trout. Why many of us exist in this nutty world of fly fishing. Don’t ever break down the dollar amount per trout. You may not continue, perpetuate, eternize this awful addictive pastime.

We are just looking for a glimpse…a mere glimpse.

That is all you can expect.

I commonly ask folks how their day on the Missouri River has been. How was your day. How did it go.

A common answer follows…

“Great. Great day. Caught a few in the morning, quite a few in the afternoon…a perfect day. Did not land all the trout on the line. And, we had some larger than I normally catch, type fish on the line. ”

Just perfect day. The wind did not blow all that hard. Good conversation in the boat. My husband slept most of the afternoon…and the guide and I caught a few trout.

We even caught a glimpse of some awesome rising fish, that we did not even cast to.

A mere glimpse was all I needed to make my day perfect.

And perfect it was…”

All you need is a glimpse of perfection. Then you know what it feels like  and you can free yourself up to follow that path. The path to perfection.

Which only allow you to get nearer a mere glimpse of Trout.

And that is all we, you, need.

Come out to the Missouri River this late fall and winter for solace on the water, glimpses of trout…in a self healing environment.

This Mother Mo is concerned about your health. You need to be here, more often.

Honest. Trust me.

I’m a fly fishing guide!


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  • Sweet picture Mark.

  • The river, any river, will never fail you. Tailwater, freestoner ….. trout, smallies, steelhead ….. doesn’t matter. Take it all in – eagles, hawks, beaver, hatches, subtle risers, bigger critters, maybe a new river structure you overlooked many floats before …. . How about just silence on that water. You get the idea here. Missing out big time if the only purpose is hooking fish.

    I Spend 10 Times More Time Looking For A Rise Than Casting and I Want Nothing More
    Peace Calm to You Brother

    Hope And Give Away

    Hope, faith, and a future well lived ….

    A friends cigar, chilled scotch in a tin cup, the sexy corvette like sight lines of a bamboo rod…

    The hypnotic music of clear moving water, the sillhoutes of armadas of mayflies posing as sailboats gliding effortlessly on a Sunday morning at Martha’s vineyard, and the glimpse of hope from a Give Away…

    Was it imagined or real, but then another, and yet another confirm reality; the Give Away of a spot, in fact the spot on moving water, that somehow holds its shape and defies, nay defines time…

    Below this spot lurks beauty, a type of beauty that is modest and seeks all it can do to not join the race, nor the party, hoping to remain a stealthy example of not seen, which in fact is as beautiful as beauty seen…

    A lurking movement of beauty seen not with eyes, nor glasses, but in fact with patience, faith and hope…

    In time, as measured by gratitude and humility, the spot relinquishes a focused view of liquid transparency, a collapsing window of an image of a trout wearing his Sunday’s Best, in a collage of colors that only God could paint, and oh how he is cherished for honesty and equality of treatment to all…

    A glimpse of heaven perhaps this very small Give Away leaves for but a moment…

    But time is dependent upon whom and how such is measured by…

    Patience and humility both freeze and excellerate time, causing an unworldly focused view resulting in seeing which otherwise would go unnoticed, and yes right there, that Give Away marked a rise, and the rise gave away the beauty of the trout…

    The trout’s simple act of movement and being confirmed a grateful heart, and that God is indeed good; a moment that for some is breath taking, but for most is missed…

    Yet perhaps others visit such nirvana through the Give Away of mountains, of a book, of family, of blue sky, of walks on a beach, wine in a glass in the company of a defined love, a ride in custom wood boat…. all glimpses of God …all through a Give Away seen with a heart…

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