Trout Spey Camp? No. Trout Spey Guide Trips? Yes.

Trout Spey Camp? No. Trout Spey Guide Trips? Yes.

As we navigate the current Covid world we unfortunately are not gonna host our now world famous Trout Spey Camp this fall. Total Bummer.

Although we will be guiding Trout Spey anglers throughout the autumn, falls and winter.

And why is that so cool? Well, Headhunters is the premier Trout Spey fly shop not to be overshadowed by the star of the show, the Mighty Mo. The Missouri River is made for fall swingers.

Steelhead seasons have been cancelled across the west and many will be headed here to this Trout Spey megaland.

Whitney Gould, Mike McCune, John Arnold, Mark Raisler, Beth Langell, Max, Braden, and many more available for world class trout spey instructors. On this great swing river.

So, that is the bad news, the good news here on this very daily blog.

Swing Season is on the horizon. Soon John will publish a Trout Spey Gear Guide here. Book our swing trout spey trips soon. Availability will disappear as the days pass by.

Not a ton of new gear this year as the supply chain even in this very small industry has been compromised. Qe are truly seeing that the world is changing. We are stocked and ready as much as we can be. Foresight and planning not only allow success on the river but in the fly shop gear biz. Make sure to check with us first as you fill out your 2HTROUT gear for 2021.

Want to talk more about there upcoming trout spey season? 406-235-3447

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  • I’m glad that I made it to the now world famous one and only Mo River Trout Spey Camp of 2019. Then it was the October blizzard/deep freeze…who knew that it would only get more difficult to hold such a gathering for the next two years? Jeezus. It bums me out that we are back here again this fall… It didn’t have to be this way. But here we are.

    One of the things I really loved about the Camp weekend was that I booked a half day guide and got partnered up randomly. Yeah, it was a crap shoot with the blind partnering but splitting the cost made it doable and getting to get fished and jet-boated around the lower stretches with Mike was awesome. Any way that could happen again? Hard to imagine how.

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